amfi graduation project for weekday.


sexual health and happiness products based on the taste and preferences of millennials for weekday.


"weekday is committed to keeping both the future of fashion and the future of society in mind. weekday tries to think beyond - and wants to take care of the people around themselves.


because of the rapidly growing number of std's amongst its target audience and their experimental approach towards sex, weekday not only felt a responsibility but also saw an exciting opportunity to encourage a positive attitude towards (safe) sex and (experimental) sexuality. this resulted in a product line and a campaign that is focussed on the normalization of these subjects in a progressive, inclusive, positive and socially conscious manner.


with this approach, weekday aims to become a place where customers feel comfortable buying these products and make the act as routine and common as buying a pair of jeans."

published in het parool, ad, hvana, de gelderlander, trouw & de uitkrant

mentioned on sbs6, rtl4, npo1 & radio npo1 

3d rendering by willem stapel

concept, design & art direction by boy bastiaan schut